My work speaks to delicate balance, balances that exist all around us..... in our environment, in
our individual lives, and in the wider world. Using form and color I wish the viewer to experience,
first, the simple beauty, but to seek beyond that a more substantial involvement, to find an
authentic personal vision. A touch that creates tension, motion that creates anticipation. Any and
all emotional responses are appropriate and unique.

My imagery comes from the landscape and/or organic forms found in nature. The art evolves as
pure abstraction, stylized landscape, or tells a tale using figurative imagery. I start with sights,
sounds, objects, colors, conditions of light, weather, and emotion, consciously and subconsciously
absorbed over time. To add to this stockpile of source material I travel, I photograph, I sketch, I
use whatever means to create an indelible visual memory that will in time resurface in my art.

I work in several media. Soft pastels give much, a medium sensual by nature with luscious surface
beauty and favored for its immediacy and diversity; offering limitations, yet full of possibilities.
Watercolor, gouache, ink, acrylic, charcoal all have their place in my work, particularly in smaller
investigative pieces. Painting in oil is challenging and satisfying and limited solely by one’s

Sydney Hopkins

Contact Information:

Sydney Hopkins lives and paints north of Baltimore, Maryland.